Woman Stops Doing Chores, Waits To See How Long Her Family Lasts Until They Do It Themselves

Woman Stops Doing Chores, Waits To See How Long Her Family Lasts Until They Do It Themselves

Mom, wife, and Twitter user @MissPotkin shared the results in a long, and very popular Twitter thread.

Being a mom who does all of the housework can be an unappreciated job. No woman should take on all the responsibilities for herself, no? Shouldn't the rest of the family pitch in? One exhausted woman decided that she'd had enough of doing everything for her family. The Twitter user who goes by Miss Potkin revealed that stopped doing household chores to see what would happen. Two days later, she began sharing the results in a now-popular Twitter thread.



The entertaining read goes on to say that the dishes piled up, but she didn’t hear a word from her husband or her kids for two days. By the third day, the family had run out of bowls and spoons.



“No one is saying anything about the big pile, but I can hear their brains ticking. No, family, I will not be loading the dishwasher today,” she wrote. Not only did the exasperated mom stop cooking and cleaning, but she also stopped doing laundry. The result? Piles of clothes around the house! The bathroom also ran out of toilet paper. For days there's also been a "lone sausage" left on the cooker. The mom joked that she " can’t look at it because it’s turned the colour of the man that washes up in Cast Away."



At one point things seemed to get better. The trash was finally being taken out! But the dishes still remained mysteriously undone. As did the laundry.After a while it seemed  her husband seemed to have learned his lesson. He started to clear the plates and even load them into the dishwasher.... But he didn't turn it on! Ah, so close!! When she asks her husband why he hadn’t switched the dishwasher on earlier, he said he “ran out of time.”




The mom is clearly very tired. To those who criticized her for making an experiment out of the family situation, she responded by saying "We do not 'live like this,'" she wrote. "This is a lesson in wanting to be heard and respected and not having to repeat yourself when things slip. We're navigating the day-to-day in extraordinary times and for me, the past two days have been funnier than anything else. I think we're all entitled to run our own experiments, be amused, push a situation to its limit if we so choose. No one needs to be lectured by those that have failed to see the silly joy in what's happening here."



She added, "We keep our homes tidy because love. We cook food and set tables and fill the air with scents of roses and fresh laundry because love. Love is patient but love is also fucking tired because she works 14 hour days. I know we are ALL tired," she added, "but I am most tired. Me. I AM ALL THE TIRED." But it looks like it all worked out in the end, and the rest of the family has clearly learned an important lesson: clean up after your mess, please! The Twitterverse is watching!