After DNA Test, Woman Shockingly Learns She And Baby Were Switched At Birth Nearly 20 Years Ago

After DNA Test, Woman Shockingly Learns She And Baby Were Switched At Birth Nearly 20 Years Ago

Health officials have acknowledged the mix-up, blaming "human error".

Two baby girls were switched at birth almost 20 years ago. Now one of them, who is currently 19 years old, has demanded compensation from health authorities in northern Spain. The young woman discovered by chance through a DNA test that she wasn’t the daughter of her presumed parents. Health officials in Spain are blaming human error for the mix-up.  “It was a human error and we haven’t been able to find out who was to blame,” Sara Alba, health chief of Spain’s northern La Rioja region, told a news conference Tuesday, according to TODAY. “The systems back then were different and weren’t as computerized as they are now,” Alba said, assuring it couldn’t happen again.



According to BBC, the newborns were mixed up in 2002 at a hospital in Logroño, south of Bilbao. They were both underweight and placed in incubators before being handed to the wrong sets of parents. The young woman is now demanding compensation of 3 million euros ($3.5 million) from the region's ministry of health. The ministry has only offered compensation of €215,000, reports say. Local newspaper La Rioja published a report on Tuesday claiming that the other woman who was handed to the wrong parents has been informed of the mistake. Neither of the women who were switched at birth have been publically named.



The unnamed woman who initiated the complaint was raised by a woman who she believed to be her grandmother. The grandmother sued the presumed father over child care in 2017. That's when a DNA test was ordered by the court. This revealed that the man was not the child's biological father, and a test later stated that the presumed mother was not related to the girl either. With the help of lawyers, the girl set out to find the truth. They pressured health officials to look into her birth circumstances. When she was 19, they discovered she had been given off to another set of parents. Now she is waiting for another DNA test and its results to confirm the identity of her biological parents as prosecutors investigate the case."In the case of my client, she was born later but was given to the mother who gave birth to the first child," Jose Saez Morga, her lawyer, told the TVR television network, according to Reuters. "This is negligence so gross that it speaks for itself." The larioja.com news site states that the girl was raised in a dysfunctional family. Her lawyer added that he had filed a claim on her behalf against La Rioja's health department for immeasurable emotional harm caused by the error.




According to WION, a similar case took place in 1994 when two French babies were also switched at birth.  The nurse that handed them was absolutely sure she had made no mistake but the women grew up questioning their identities. So they decided to take a DNA test and sure enough, they realized they were handed off to the wrong sets of parents. They ended up receiving compensation worth $351,450 each.

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