Tinder Date Goes Horribly Wrong After Man's Dog Decides To Jump Into The River

Tinder Date Goes Horribly Wrong After Man's Dog Decides To Jump Into The River

"Thank God I didn't like him - I would have been horrified if I did," the woman later said

Dates can sometimes fail hilariously and this woman's story is proof. Lizzy Johnson says that she endured the "worst date ever" after she jumped into the river to save her Tinder match's dog while "he just stood there" watching on, reported Mirror

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Johnson had met the man with a "cute" boxer dog on the app and thought of taking things forward. They arranged for a 'socially-distanced stroll' along the River Mole in Walton-on-Thames. Not long into the 'date', the man mentioned that the dog had "never seen water before" just as it excitedly jumped off the bank and into the river. Johnson says that while the man was "too busy flapping" she was quick to dart down the bank and into the chest-deep water to rescue it. What made things worse is that while she was left struggling to climb back out while the man "made useless suggestions". After five minutes in the water, she eventually made it out having rescued the dog and all three began the "awkward" 10-minute walk back to the car where they quickly said their goodbyes, according to the Mirror.

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When Johnson got back home, she recorded a hilarious video showing her jeans, top and face covered in mud to recap her date which ended "with a swim in the River Mole". "It was probably the worst date ever - maybe because I wasn't feeling him as well, it wasn't a great date. The funny thing is I'm on Tinder and Bumble having a look and if they've got a dog I'm like 'no Lizzy, don't do it, don't do it' - swipe left. I definitely saw the funny side to it - I'm proud that I saved the dog before thinking about my phone and keys, like him. All my friends were like 'it could only happen to you Lizzy' - I have no luck with dating and I just thought I'd share it," she said. Lizzie didn't ditch her phone or car keys before going in after the dog. She says she doesn't know if it was her maternal instinct or her training to "save everybody" as a flight attendant, but she knew she had to act fast, Mirror reported. 

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After ensuring that the dog was safe, she says her date was left panicked over what to do next but she simply told him to focus on keeping the pet out of the water while she looked for a spot to climb back out. At one point the water was about four-and-a-half feet deep and after a few attempts, she managed to "hook onto a twig" with her boots and gripped the bank with her hands to make it make onto land. "I got out and asked if my make-up was ok and he was like 'yes, it's fine' - when I looked in the mirror at home I had mud on my face.
"We walked past quite a few families and they looked at me like 'what have you been doing?," Johnson recalled. She then revealed that the man messaged her two hours after the disastrous date, saying 'Hey hope you're alright, sorry about that', but she was "too traumatised" to reply and believes he has now blocked her. "Thank God I didn't like him - I would have been horrified if I did," she said, according to Mirror