Woman Texted Mother 'I Hope I'm Not Being Abducted' Before Her Body Was Found In A Forest

Woman Texted Mother 'I Hope I'm Not Being Abducted' Before Her Body Was Found In A Forest

She had apparently taken a lift from a stranger instead of waiting for her Uber

Catherine Serou, a student and US Marines veteran from California sent a chilling final message to her mother before she was found dead in a forest. Serou had apparently taken a lift from a stranger but by the time she sensed something was wrong, it was too late. 


Serou's body was found in a wooded area outside the Bor suburb where she lived in western Russia on Saturday (June 19) after going missing on Tuesday. Her mother, Beccy Serou, said that the 34-year-old may have taken a lift instead of waiting for her Uber. She then spoke about the horrifying final text she got from her daughter, the text reads, 
“In a car with a stranger. I hope I’m not being abducted." Beccy believes that she was headed back to a business to try to quickly clear up a payment issue, but has no idea what happened after receiving that message, reported the Daily Star


The mother spoke to NPR and said, “I think that when she saw that the person wasn’t driving to the clinic but instead was driving into a forest, she panicked. Her telephone last pinged off a cell tower in that forest." A surveillance photo reportedly shows Serou looking out of an open passenger-side window of a silver car around when she vanished. More then 100 volunteered to scour local forests. A 44-year-old man was arrested about an hour after her body was found. According to the Moscow Times, the accused man was not identified, but he has prior convictions and is cooperating. The US Embassy in Moscow said that it is “closely monitoring” the probe into Serou’s death, reported the Daily Star. 


According to reports, Serou was in Russia to begin studying law while learning the language so she could return to the States and work as an immigration attorney. She was enrolled at Lobachevsky University about 250 miles east of Moscow and was studying in its master’s law program, after having gotten a bachelor’s degree in design and a master’s in art history from the University of California at Davis.