Woman Trapped Inside A Clothing Donation Bin Spends Three Days In Freezing Temperatures Crying For Help

Woman Trapped Inside A Clothing Donation Bin Spends Three Days In Freezing Temperatures Crying For Help

The woman supposedly homeless was immediately taken to the hospital to be treated for frostbite.

Some incidents sound really bizarre. It might leave us thinking if it is really possible. We have heard about people getting stuck in the lift, or locked out of their houses without keys, but one particular incident from New Jersey is nothing you would imagine. While it might make you laugh, it will also make you feel sorry for the person who had to endure the situation.

According to ABC News, the police department in Paterson, New Jersey got a call on the morning of 6 January, 2020. They were informed that a woman was yelling from inside a clothing donation bin. Help immediately reached the location and the firefighters used a spreader to open the padlocked bin. On being rescued, 38-year-old woman told the police of her strange experience.


She told the police that she was stuck inside from 3 January, 2020. She told the authorities that she was just reaching the bin behind an apartment building along Broadway when a random stranger pushed her inside. On being pushed, the door got shut and the woman got stuck inside. She told the authorities that she was unable to move her legs and found no ways to escape.

She survived inside the bin during the weekend when the temperatures were as high as in the 40s. However, the temperature also went as low as 32 degrees. After nearly three days of being stuck inside the bin, she was helped by a stranger.

On the morning of 6 January, the woman was heard calling out for help. And finally, luck was in her favor. The stranger who heard her called 911 and informed the police of a woman crying from inside the donation bin. After rescuing the woman, the police admitted her to St. Joseph's Medical Center to treat her for frostbite.

The woman is believed to be homeless and the extent of her injuries is not known. However, Paterson Police Director Gerald Speziale said the story is unlikely, according to NBC. He also stated that such incidents have happened in the past. He confirmed that it was the third time in two years he had encountered a case like this.