Bridezilla Wants To Ban Her 6-Month-Old Nephew From Her Perfect Wedding Photographs Because Of His Large Birthmark

Bridezilla Wants To Ban Her 6-Month-Old Nephew From Her Perfect Wedding Photographs Because Of His Large Birthmark

The baby's mother is furious and does not want to attend the wedding where her son is not wanted.

Many brides want a perfect wedding and so they get very involved in the planning. From the kind of chairs to what kind of table cloth to use is decided by them. While it is not wrong to be a perfectionist for your big day, it is important to be sensible and sensitive to the people around us.

At the end of the day, you should not hurt the people who love you and want nothing but good for you. However, one bride forgot it all when it was time for her to walk down the aisle and say "I do". All she thought was about herself. 

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According to Cafe Mom, one woman took to Reddit to narrate a story about her drama that revolved around her sister's wedding. She started the tale by saying that her nephew, Stan was 6 months old and that he had a huge birthmark on his face.

She wrote, "Stan has a birthmark on his face. The entire left side of his face is a very light purple and it comes across a little to the right side of his face. He also has that condition where both his eyes are different colours," according to Reddit.

She then went on to state that it was her sister Lilly's wedding and that she was forced to postpone her wedding due to the pandemic crisis.

She wrote, "My sister (Lilly is 29) has become a complete and utter bridezilla. She was supposed to get married last week, but because of current circumstances, she didn't. She's been busy planning and rescheduling the wedding. Somehow wanting to make it more extravagant because dad's paying for it. I don't know what the f*** happened between last month and this month, but she's gone completely off the deepened."

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Further, she added that Lilly wanted pictures taken before and after the wedding but she had a small issue. The bridezilla thought it would be a bad idea to have Stan, her nephew, be a part of the photo session.

The woman wrote that her sister, Lilly told their cousin that she was having second thoughts about Stan in her pictures. "She told my cousin (27F Stephanie) that she was having second thoughts about having Stan in the photos because she doesn't want to have to explain to everyone who sees them that Stan has a birthmark," wrote the woman. 

The news spread and Stan's mother, Ann was furious. She could not believe her own sister would say something like that or even think. The woman wrote, "You can imagine the fight this caused between the two of them. Ann told Lilly to shove her wedding up her a**, and that's the last the two of them have spoken since."

As the fight continued, their dad got involved. Enraged by the situation, he told Lilly that he was going to cut the wedding funds if she did not make things right with Ann. "He told her off. I mean, really told her off. It took me back to when we were children. He told her there will be no wedding if she keeps it up and she'll be getting married in a judge's office," wrote the woman, according to Reddit. 

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Meanwhile, Ann informed that she was not going to take her son to a place he was not "wanted." She even decided not to show up for the wedding. With the sisters in bad terms, the groom called the woman to ask her to fix the problems between the sisters. Their dad also hopes she would bring the other sisters together.

However, the woman wrote Ann was not ready to budge. "Ann has told me she's not taking Stan to a wedding because his aunt is worried that his face will ruin her pictures. Said she's moving Oregon in a few weeks time. And that she's not coming back for the wedding. She's already bought the house there for herself and Stan. Lilly hasn't been able to get through to Ann. Ann just told her to jump in front of a bus and to f*** her wedding," said the woman, according to Reddit.

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The woman asked other users of what she should do. Reddit users quickly came to help. "Her sister deserves to get married in a court. No fancy wedding for you princess. Bridezilla you wrecked your own wedding," wrote one.

Another commented, "Oh my god! I'd avoid this wedding and this person. What type scum kicks a kid out out of a group photo because of how they look?"