Mother Shares Photos Of Son's Body Rashes To Warn Parents Of The Dangers Kids Face At Parks & Playgrounds

Mother Shares Photos Of Son's Body Rashes To Warn Parents Of The Dangers Kids Face At Parks & Playgrounds

A concerned mother shared the story of her son to urge parents everywhere to be aware of the places they take their children.

It may not be possible to protect your child from every single disease out there, but a bit of precaution goes a long way, especially when it comes to children. Be it in schools or at the daycare centers or even the playground, kids are sure to be surrounded by infections and disease-causing germs everywhere.


You can’t be next to them every single minute of the day, keeping an eye on them to make sure they are not doing things that could result in a painful infection or worse, a contagious disease. That’s why this mother shared her story with the world and urged parents to be careful of where they take their children.

Madelyn Bercasio Gurango never expected that her son would return from a playhouse with severe disease. The mother, from the Philippines, had taken her son, Clark for a monthly checkup, after which she felt that her little one deserved a reward. She believed that a trip to the mall and some time at the playhouse would be fitting to make Clark’s day. And once they reached the mall, the playhouse was the first place they went to, according to thecoverage.my.


Clark spent his time at the playhouse playing with other kids and enjoying himself. The next day, Madelyn went off to work, but later got a ring from her mother. On hearing that Clark was having a high fever, she left work and rushed back home to her boy. By the time Madelyn had reached home, her son was having the chills and had been vomiting. The concerned mother dedicated her time to taking care of her child, and later began noticing patches of rashes spreading across her son’s foot.


It didn’t take long for the pox-like rashes to make its way across Clark’s body. And so Madelyn immediately took her son to the hospital where the doctors diagnosed it as Hand, Foot, and Mouth disease (HFMD). The mother believes that her son would have come in contact with the virus during his time at the playhouse. Areas like these can be storehouses for germs because of the number of people who come in and out of them.



Madelyn understood how important it was to share her son’s experience and warn parents out there about HFMD. She took to social media to raise awareness and talked about what happened through a Facebook post that has now been removed. Her story, however, appeared on several social media pages where her post went viral. Her earnest advice to parents everywhere was to be careful of where they take their children and to avoid crowded places, because they could potentially expose their kids to a number of unwanted germs and contagious diseases.


Thankfully, Clark received appropriate medication and was showing signs of improvement within a week. When parents are aware of the risk and the symptoms of contagious diseases like this, they will better be able to protect their children from it and take the right action if they notice any signs.


As per a report by elitereaders.com, the concerned mother said, “Today, it has already been a week that Clark feels better but he is still drinking his medicines. This post is sending awareness to parents for them to prevent their children from being infected and to know what to do in case the illness emerges.”

Luckily, she was able to spread the word and reach thousands of people, and her post was shared more than 117,300 times.

What is Hand, Foot and Mouth disease?


What you need to know about HFMD is that it is a viral illness that typically affects children who are below the age of 5. But this does not mean that it can’t affect other people, because older children and adults may also experience it, according to cdc.gov.

When the virus is contracted, the disease typically begins with symptoms like fever, sore throat, and a decrease in appetite. It’s only after a day or two of the fever when painful sores start arising in the mouth. Starting off as red spots, these sores can blister and your child might find it painful.

You might also find the skin rash developing on the palm of your child’s hands and the soles of their feet. They may appear as flat, red spots with blisters. It could spread to other parts as well, like your child’s elbows, knees, genital area, and buttocks.


It’s best to take prevention rather than wait for a disease to arise and then find the cure. It’s best to teach your child important basic habits like washing their hands regularly, especially after they are in a playground or have mingled with other kids. Urge them to practice these habits when you are not around so that even after they come back from a school playground they would remember to wash their hands with soap and water.

At home, make sure that you disinfect soiled items, dirty clothes, and surfaces, especially after someone in the house has had a contagious disease. Takes such measures so that other people in the house do not catch the illness.

When you are aware of someone who has the disease, prevent having too much physical contact with them. Try not to hug or kiss them, and avoid sharing plates and cups with those who are infected.