Woman's Gynecologist Of 9 Yrs Turns Out To Be Her Biological Father. He Impregnated Her Mom Without Consent: Lawsuit

Woman's Gynecologist Of 9 Yrs Turns Out To Be Her Biological Father. He Impregnated Her Mom Without Consent: Lawsuit

The doctor has been accused of artificially inseminating his patients using his own sperm, without their consent or knowledge.

A woman is suing her former gynecologist after discovering that he is actually her biological father. Morgan Hellquist was born in September 1985 via artificial insemination. Her mother was under the care of  Dr. Morris Wortman who facilitated the artificial impregnation of her mother. According to the lawsuit, the Washington Post reports that the family believed that the sperm had been given by a medical student. Over 9 years Hellquist had visited Dr. Morris Wortman for regular vaginal and breast examinations. In April, the doctor had allegedly asked Hellquist to take off her mask because she looked better without one during a vaginal ultrasound. Hellquist had a number of awkward interactions with Wortman when she began to suspect he was her father.



The lawsuit alleges that Wortman may have fathered six other children over the course of several years. As for Hellquist, a DNA test revealed that she was Wortman’s biological daughter, according to the lawsuit. Hellquist “was in shock and disbelief that he would continue [to] treat her as her gynecologist if she were his biological daughter,” the lawsuit stated. Hellquist is now suing Wortman, alleging medical malpractice, lack of informed consent, battery, fraud, negligence and infliction of emotional distress.



The horrifying case is a shocking one of medical abuse and malpractice. Carl Lore II's mother is also one of the women who sought treatment from Dr. Morris Wortman. At the age of 35, Carl Lore discovered that he was not donor-conceived. He learned that the donor was none other than his mother's OB/GYN, Dr. Wortman. Similar to Hellquist's story, Carl Lore's mother was told the sperm donor was a University of Rochester medical student.



For all his life Carl Lore II believed the man after whom he was named was his biological father. That man had died at age 36 when Carl Lore II was just 7 years old. But the results of an ancestry test in 2019 proved otherwise and changed his life. Lore told the Democrat & Chronicle, “I was really sold the idea that my father was really sick and as a result of that, I would also be probably very sick. I found out that the person who was my father, the person I’m named after (was not my father).”



It was an emotionally turbulent time for Lore but he has decided to share his story to urge parents to tell children the truth about their conception. “My intention with talking to the news is just to encourage parents to tell their kids the truth if they’re donor-conceived,” Lore said. “The name on a birth certificate is supposed to scientifically link them to the DNA that makes up their medical history. That’s the whole point of it, so I don’t understand why we would put anyone other than that person on a birth certificate because it’s a medical document.”  With the help of the DNA test he also found out that he has several siblings . He spoke to a few but the interactions weren't pleasant as they’re all in “an extremely devastating emotional” space, he said.

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