Read These Real-Life Comments Made By Toxic Members & Tell Us If You've Had To Hear Similar Words From Your Family

Read These Real-Life Comments Made By Toxic Members & Tell Us If You've Had To Hear Similar Words From Your Family

Reddit users shared the hurtful words that scarred them for life.

Families are bound to have disagreements and arguments, but hurting dear ones with intentionally hurtful remarks is unjustified. Despite knowing how deeply words can impact the emotional health of others, some people continue to be insensitive towards their own family, causing deep scars in the hearts of their loved ones. No matter how many years pass by, some find it difficult to get over these harsh comments. One Reddit user took to the social media platform to ask people about the worst things told to them by their family members. Many Redditors commented on the question and revealed some heartbreaking things told to them by their family members. Here are a few that reveal family can be an unhealthy space for many individuals. 

1. "Be thankful we didn't abort you."

2. "I should have put you up for adoption."

3. "The happiest day of my life will be when they find your body in a gutter"

4. "You're lucky you met your husband, no one else could ever love you considering how ugly you are."




5. "I wish your mom would've let me use the coat hanger on you and your brother, the day you were born was the day my life ended."

6. "Your grandpa started getting schizophrenia around 25. Out of all of the kids, I think you're the one most likely to get it too."

7. "You're so annoying I want to grab you by your head and slam it into the dashboard. This is why you'll never find a husband. If I could I would just leave and never see you again." 

8. "You'll never get a man if you're overweight."




9. "Mom told me at my father’s funeral, 'I wish you kids (6 of us) were dead too.' I know she was grieving badly that day but it hurt deeply and it’s stuck with me the rest of my life. I’ve never shared it with my brothers and sisters to save them the pain."

10. "'if you ever want a nose job..' i was 12. it was my grandma."

11. "You know what would really help your self-worth? If you lost weight and didn't dress like a complete slob."

12. "It's not his fault for assaulting you, that's what all teenage boys do." 



13. "If you tell anyone I abuse you, I will kill myself."

14. "You were an accident" and "You ruined my life."

15. “Your mother left because of you.”

16. "'You shouldn't have let him do that' - my mother, in the car on the way home after watching my grandfather sexually assault me for about half an hour. He didn't know she could see him. I was seven and didn't know what to do. I could see her and was waiting for her to do whatever the right thing was."




17. "Your father and I are getting divorced because of you."

18. "That I didn’t love my dad enough and that’s why he died. My grandmother said it. I was 11 years old. He had a brain tumor."

19. “'The worst part about marrying your mom is that you came along with it. - my step dad."

20. "I wish you died instead of her." 




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