Young Teacher Adopts Her Own 5-year-old Student

Young Teacher Adopts Her Own 5-year-old Student

Paige Bramlett, 25, adopted 5-year-old William, her student. She gave him a "forever home."

Paige Bramlett, 25, from Indiana met William, 5, a year ago in Kindergarten. She was his behavioral specialist and the child was just 4 years old at the time. According to GOD, William had faced "endless trauma" in Paige's own words. The little child had developed Post-traumatic stress disorder and was completely struggling in his day-to-day life. When Bramlett decided to adopt him, she was deemed as "insane" by everybody around her as she is young and single. However, nothing stopped her from welcoming this beautiful child into her own home. He was shifted from one foster home to another since his birth and went through a lot of instability and trauma of never having a safe environment to live in. 



She says, "He was in foster care and struggled with behaviors from PTSD and trauma. He had been in several homes in four years." She adds, "One day, he didn’t show up to school, and he had never missed a day. I ran into his caseworker collecting his things in the hallway." Bramlett learned that they are looking for a "forever home" for William and 25-year-old was all ready to take upon that responsibility. Her friends said that she was "crazy" to take adopt a child as she is very young and single. Bramlett officially adopted the boy after fostering him for over a year and says that she has completely fallen in love with his presence. 




She makes TikTok Videos with her son and one of the videos went viral in which she was reading a book on adoption with William. In that video, she quoted, "He was my kindergarten student. I was his behavior specialist." She adds, "Now, he is adopted, loved, and chosen. My son. We are learning together everyday." Bramlett uploaded another video on TikTok sharing how her family and friends reacted after she told them she was going to foster one of her students. She captioned the video, "Me, single at 24-years-old explaining to everyone that I’m going to start fostering one of my students." She lipsynced to Taylor Swift singing, "Oh my god, she’s insane." In another one of her videos, she is skiing, dancing, and rollerskating with William, saying that even though foster care is hard, it is "worth it."




Her TikTok viewers are extremely touched by this grand gesture of the Bramlett. They have flooded her comments section with kind and encouraging words. "This makes my heart so happy. I was adopted at 15 by my momma. You gave him a chance to beat the odds and not just be a number," a user wrote. Many other foster and adoptive parents came together in the support of the 25-year-old mom. Bramlett and her son spent their first Christmas together as a family with their puppy, Banks as seen on her Instagram.





Cover Image Source: Paige Bramlett's Instagram